Benefits We Offer

Green-O-Tech India™ providing platform for its client to have contribution for Environment as well as for our future on Earth. It makes unique to Green-O-Tech India™ in whole Waste Management Industry in the World. Green-O-Tech India™ offering following benefits for its clients which directly impact on Environment, Society & Organisation:

Reduce Operation Cost

In 90% of Indian manufacturing industry, their Scrap Yards are not managed or organized in proper manner because they do not want to put additional cost on extra manpower.  Green-O-Tech India™ reduces operation cost of client for managing ‘Scrap Yard’ by appointing “Waste Management Team” to manage & organize the waste at Scrap Yards.

Reduce the Wastage

In more than 85% industries 10% to 15% scrap wipe out due to Rain, mishandling or scrap not organized in proper manner. Green-O-Tech India™ helps to manage the same by appoints a “Waste Management Team” who help client to reduce this wastage at Scrap Yard.

Improve the Pickup Chain

In India 85% of industry suffering with the problem of timely pickups of waste from their scrap yard by the Scrap people, which impacting on industry’s  productions, operations etc. We reduce this impact up to 0% by providing the solution of deploying a “Waste Management Team” and they build up proper and timely pickup operation chains which reduce the impact on the productions & operations.

Increase the profitability

Green-O-Tech India™ increase the profitability by 5% to 10% of client by reducing the wastage at Scrap Yard, putting a transparent mechanism for the pickups of waste and by offering best rates for Scrap.  

Utilization Landfill Space

Maximum of Indian manufacturing Industries do not want to demonstrate their scrap yard to their clients or visitors because in more than 90% of industries their Scrap yards are in very-very bad conditions. Green-O-Tech India™ team help to increase the utilization of landfill space by organizing the scrap yard which improve the storage capacity and outlook of scrap yard.

Reduce the cost of Office Stationery

By taking “Waste Paper Recycling” initiative through Green-O-Tech India™ you can reduce your office stationery cost by 30% to 35%. As per our service model Green-O-Tech India offering free eco-friendly stationery products against the waste paper which you recycle through us.

Provide Analysis

Green-O-Tech India™ team provide a “Monthly Analysis” of waste recycled and its impact on the environment through saving CO2, Water, Trees, Electricity etc.

Free Tree Plantation

To put a more impact on environment Green-O-Tech India™ plant a Tree on recycling of every 100Kg Waste Paper and 1000Kg of Waste Metals and Plastic for its clients under the service of “One step towards Waste to Wealth”

CSR Activities

The organizations who are seriously involved in “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” activities then Green-O-Tech India™ is one of the best platform where their organisation contributes huge for the environment without any hug investment.

Green/ Eco friendly image

Green-O-Tech India™ is customizing one of the best ‘Green Solutions’ for its clients through that they can develop ‘Green Image’ of their organization and contribute for environment without putting more efforts and money. Where as many companies are investing their huge funds for develop Green or Eco friendly image of their organisation.

Pleasure of contribution

Last but not least Green-O-Tech India™ gives you a pleasure for your contribution to economic, social, environmental, generate livelihoods and save trees, water, CO2 & electricity.