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About Us

Green-O-Tech India™

With the mission of converting waste to wealth Green-O-Tech India was introduced by Mr. Prashant Rana (Founder & CEO) in the year of 2010. Mr. Prashant Rana was awarded with “50 Most Impactful Green Leaders- Global Listing 2017” for his outstanding contribution and excellence achieved in the domain of waste management and recycling services across India. This award was acknowledged Mr. Prashant Rana’s vibrant and proactive role in the Paper and Wood recycling domain. His contribution to motive and get involve people in his green initiative of converting waste to wealth is unforgettable.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI) selected Green-O-Tech India in “Indian Core Group” for assisting development of paper recycling in Asian countries.... Read more

Our Journey of Glory


Green-O-Tech India™ supported by more than 500 ‘Green Initiators’ on PAN India bases to converting ‘Waste to Wealth’

Green-O-Tech India™ recycled more than 126000 Tons Waste Paperand everyday collection of Waste Paper is 5000-6000 Kg from our clients

Planted more than 150800 TREEs on behalf of our Clients for their green initiative for Waste Paper Recycling through Green-O-Tech India to make MOTHER EARTH more greener

Green-O-Tech India™ recycled 40000 Tons plus Waste Wood and everyday 5500-6000 kg Waste Wood picked from industries.

Benefits We Offer

Reduce Cost

By 30% to 35%

We reduces Operation cost of managing Scrap Yard by appointing “Waste Management Team” & Stationery cost by 30% to 35% through recycling Waste Paper.

Increase Profit

By 5% to 10%

We increase profitability by 5% to 10% of client by reducing the wastage at Scrap Yard, putting a Transparent Mechanism for the pickups of waste.

Reduce Carbon Emission

By 30% by 35%

Through recycling of waste- Paper, Plastic, Metal & Wood we reduce ‘Carbon Emissions’ by 30% to 35% .

Tree Plantation

On Every 100 Kg

To put more impact on environment we plant a Tree on recycling of every 100Kg Waste Paper & on 1000Kg of other Wastes- Plastic, Metal & Wood.

Our Services

Paper Recycling Services

Green-O-Tech India is one of leading service provider for waste paper recycling in India. Presently we are serving more than 500 clients with our waste to wealth services. Paper recycling is one of the simplest processes as compared with the other recycling processes.

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Waste Plastic Recycling

Green-O-Tech provide services to corporate & manufacturing Industry for recycling their waste plastic in to reusable plastic products. We collect waste PET Bottles and get recycled the same into reusable products or raw material like new PET Containers, Polyester Carpet Fiber, Fabric for T-shirts, Bags etc.

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Waste Wood Recycling

Green-O-Tech India is one of leading service provider for waste wood recycling. weare helping industries to get their waste wood recycled. We collect or purchase waste wood for clients and get it segregated as per quality and size of wood in our warehouses then get is converted in to artificial wood through our green....

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Green Warrior Award

These awards are dedicated by Green-O-Tech India to Individual, Corporate, Society , Govt. and Semi Govt. Organization who have done commendable work in preservation of natural resource, environment protection, human lives and society.


  1. CSR Project
  2. Green Project
  3. Waste Paper Recycling Project
  4. Waste Plastic Recycling Project

Our special Team

Prashant Rana

Founder & CEO

Jyoti Rana

General Manager HR & Admin

Amit Kumar

Manager Marketing

Neetu Sharma

Manager- Operations & CRM

Our Portfolio

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Paper and jute bags in Delhi India

The dangers of using plastic bags are no longer secret to us. We have even witnessed the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. If you are using plastic bags, stop it immediately. You should be a part...

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13 sept, 2019
Switch to paper cups and save the environment!

Paper pups have now become the best alternative to Styrofoam or plastic cups. They are microwave safe and completely environment-friendly. They are meant for one-time use, but can also be used repeatedly.

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13 sept, 2019
Eco Friendly Stationery

We have become digitalized today but the use of paper is yet to be reduced. Still today, organizations have to buy stacks of papers every month. We prefer to use executive diaries. or spiral notebooks at home as weekly planners.

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