Wooden Recycling

In last 4 years Green-O-Tech India™ recycled thousand of ton waste wooden for its clients. Major advantages of recycling of waste wooden are the growth old forests, improved carbon storage and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. By recycling of waste wooden we can produce unique products like wooden flooring, furniture & many other wooden products.

By recycling the waste wood we will not only save Trees but we are helping to provide wildlife habitat for hundreds of years and passing on a healthy life to future generations.

Impact of Wooden Recycling on Environment:

  • Save green forests and provide habitat for wildlife, Trees improve air and water quality.
  • 100 trees remove up to five tons of CO2, Per year one Tree can soak up 48 pounds of carbon dioxide.
  • One Tree can provide full day oxygen for up to 4 people. It takes 16 trees to generate enough Oxygen for One human life.
  • In a year One Tree reduces pollution, as equal to a Car produce on running of every 3200 km.
  • One Tree reduced pollution in a year, as equal to an Aeroplane produce on every 2000 km.