“It is with pleasure that I undertake this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude and would like to Thank Green-O-Tech India for their support through thick and thin. It has indeed been a very satisfying journey of social impact with Green-O-Tech India. I really appreciate the professionalism of Green-O-Tech India in handling the process of paper recycling from collection of waste paper to delivering of recycled products. The quality of recycled products has been top notch. We at Rotary District 3011 (earlier 3010) congratulate Green-O-Tech India for bringing about a positive change in the society through this green initiative. We extend our utmost support for the cause and wish Green-O-Tech India all success in their future endeavors. Cheers!”

Amit Gupta
Chairman Paper Recycling Project- Rotary Club
District Rotaract Chairman

“It was an exciting journey with Green-O-Tech India, since we had started from April-15. Green-O-Tech India not only helped us to dispose our waste safely but also helped to bring our stationary cost down. We are not only saving the trees by recycling initiative but also plating one tree against every 100 Kg’s is also a excellent idea. This will help us to bring our carbon foot down and we can move one step ahead to a sustainable environment.

I will suggest all cooperates to start this recycling initiative. So, that they all can contribute to a green environment and will be sure that their waste is being handled in a well manner, As these small steps by all of us will surely make a huge leap.”

Rahul Yadav (Senior Engineer)
Ericsson India Private Limited
District Rotaract Chairman

“I really appreciate green initiative which Green-O-Tech India is doing with us by recycling our paper waste & provide us the diaries/Notebooks & they do plantation also against this.

This is really a nice concept. This is very helpful to us to sustain the environment & effective in environment sustainability growth.”

Shah Alam (Assistant Manager)
Wipro Ltd.

 “Paper recycling initiative is good for the environment. It helps in reducing the load on environment for fresh paper, where trees have to be felled for the same.

Corporate have to take this initiative as it helps improving the environment performance. However this sector is not fully organized at present day. Selecting a good partner who can timely pick the waste paper and a transparent system which ensures the recycling methods and partners disclosed is essential. Also certification for the same will help in standardizing the recycling process. A complete end to end services in this regard is the need of the hour.”

Manager EHS
Asian Paints Ltd.

“Green-O-Tech India is a wonderful partner in building our waste recycling program, a great initiative by the team. I would like to thank you and your staff for helping us to recycle waste surplus. I think every corporate have to implement this waste paper recycling program, it helps us to reduce our stationery cost by recycling our waste paper through Green-O-Tech India. I was even not awar about its impact on environment but after join hand with Green-O-Tech India I understand its value and I am so proud that now we are a part of this initiative…. A big Thanks to Green-O-Tech India team…”

Samir Gora
VP- Sales & Marketing
GreenMek Technology and Services

“First of all my compliments to the entire team of Green-O-Tech India for bring this unique initiative to us. With rapid growth in economy, our consumption of resources and production of waste is on an increasing side. As a developing and a responsible nation, we cannot ignore the effects it has on our immediate environment.

The solution offered by Green-O-Tech India to us is in line with our philosophy of Clean and Green India. The uniqueness of solution not only lies in its recycling of paper but also that the contributing organization gets benefited through reduction of cost on stationary. The top of the line benefit is in terms of plantation of a tree, which further contributes to green drive on the environment.”

Pushpraj Singh
Regional Head-ICMC

ICICI Bank Limited

“I think recycling of waste is necessity of present scenario and we have to adopt such initiative. Waste Paper recycling is a one best green initiative that a company have to take, it help environment at huge level. Such initiative like Green-O-Tech India help corporate to contribute for environment through saving tree, CO2, Water etc and same time it help to reduce their stationery cost. I would like to say thanks to Green-O-Tech India for such a great initiative and I recommend this initiative for other corporate also.”

Lekhraj Rana
Philips India Ltd

“Going green and doing efforts to keep our mother earth green itself seems to be a noble thought to me.  I am feeling wonderful after knowing about this initiative taken from Green-O-Tech India and referring this company to all my friends, relatives and colleagues. I have come across lot of environmentalists and NGOs who do lot of public speaking on earth and environment but on ground level hardly do any efforts to take such initiatives. Green-O-Tech initiatives not only help to reduce stationery cost by recycling our waste paper but also create awareness of corporate towards CSR initiates which in idealistic situation everyone should work towards. After my association with Green-O-Tech Facebook page, I feel profound towards my responsibility for environment and I am always available to contribute for spreading the awareness in smallest possible way I can contribute….…. A big Thanks to Green-O-Tech India team…”

Arun Dogra
Head Marketing Uttrakhand,
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

“Great ideology, we need more companies like yours in the industry to make the planet a better place to live once again. Kudos to Team Green-O-Tech India.”

Sunita Rana
Editor – News 

Prime Research – India

“It’s really great to know on the initiatives that you have taken, I really appreciate the green initiative which Green-O-Tech India is offering to corporate through waste paper recycling and they are doing a wonderful Job. Waste paper recycling really going to makes a huge impact on environment, it helps to save trees, water, electricity and reduce carbon footprint. I would highly recommend everyone to adopt this green initiative.

I am personally keen on all environmental friendly initiatives, but the way it is being managed is commendable. It’s not giving a feeling that we are saving the environment with recycling paper waste but also generating jobs and a happiness and satisfaction to us that we are contributing the environmental savior..

I’d definitely look towards this whenever any such requirement will be there in our organization..”

Navankur Sood
Head-International Operations

Spice Digital

“Appreciate the effort of Green-O-Tech India towards green environment and Waste management. They are working towards the betterment of the society.”

Girish Matta
Sr. Manager- Facilities Management

Religare Securities Ltd

Awarded as “Green Merging Company-2015”