There are too many debates on adopt eco products or being eco-friendly. Everyone is well aware about the environmental issues, about major threat of global warming for whole world. The human population on Earth has been grown more in the last 50 years than it did in the previous four million years. Last few generations had effected the nature so badly which impacting now on new generations and yes! for next upcoming generations a well. But it’s a best time to work out with the new generations desire to help out the environmental issues one can find out a solution to all problems. Its our responsibilities to make understand the new generation about Nature, Global Warming, Pollution and the likes. We need to be equipped our children with knowledge and earth-friendly practices for tomorrow’s environmental challenges which they have to face.

To create such awareness and to save future of next generation on earth the best way is to make aware student about the issues of Nature, Global Warming, Pollution etc. in all school, colleges and universities.  Students are the tomorrow’s leaders who will make all the important decisions regarding nation, social, economy, environment, politics etc. So its important we will make them aware about the threat which they have to face in future and with is biggest problem for their generation at that time.

In India there are so many schools those who are very much active for creating awareness about environment. Today even a junior grade school-going kid understands what is meant by Nature, Global Warming, Pollution etc. This is an indication that the education system of India is in the right direction to promote environmental education. Student are so active to do something for society, environment etc as much as they can.

Here we are also talking about three students environmental success story  who had taken a great initiative towards saving the environment. These three girls are school friends and they had started an initiative to save Mother Earth through get Recycle Waste Paper from Green-O-Tech India. They get this idea from their school (Sachdeva Public School, Rohini) where environmental awareness activities have been conducted by the school management. We appreciate the Sachdeva Public School, Rohini and its management for such great initiatives which make students aware about the environment issues.

Ms. Vani Rana, Ms. Aastha Arora and Ms. Yateeka Goyal are three angels who had taken this initiative not only for environment but for society as well. They had associated with Green-O-Tech India, who is one of leading Waste Paper Recycling company in India. As per Green-O-Tech India service model they collected waste paper and get it recycled into Recycle Stationery Products like Note Pad, Files, Note Books, Copies etc. and these stationery products we are offering free of cost to our clients. Along with that recycling of every 100Kg paper we will plant a TREE free of cost for our client’s Green Initiative of saving mother earth.

After knowing about Green-O-Tech India these school students decided to associate with Green-O-Tech India and get their waste paper recycled from them, against that they decided to take school note books from Green-O-Tech India which they are going to donate in slum/ poor kids. These three angels create a great example for all of us and for young generation for involving with environment. During the discussion with their three friends, they said they are very much happy with the job they had done jointly and they thanks everyone how help them in this green initiative.

 Most interesting part of this motivational story is the way these three angles had collected such huge quantity of 675Kg waste paper. First thought was came in mind of Ms. Vanni Rana, who had share and motivated her other two friends who are living in different locations and colonies. She ask them to collect waste paper at their home as well as collect from their relatives and friends also. This idea works and they collected 675kg of waste paper from their resources. Against this waste paper they had taken school copies and paper pencils which they had distributed in kids who are living in slum areas. As pre these three kids they had decided to carry this practice continue and involved their school and other friends in this initiative.

Greenotech India

The way these kids done their duty for saving environment, feel their responsibility for mother earth if we all started to think in the same way then one day came when our earth and all of us are safe from global warming and other environmental impacts. If we want to reduce the global warming impact and want to give a good life for upcoming generation then it’s a right time to take the responsibility for save our mother earth through contributing our best for environment as these kids had done.

Through get recycle 675kg waste paper these three angels had contributed following for environment and society:



What they Save


Kg 2477




Water Liters



In Nos.


Trees planted by Green-O-Tech India  for their initiative


Green-O-Tech India founder & CEO Mr. Prashant Rana had personally appreciated and distributed the “Certificate of Appreciation” to these kids and very impressed with their contribution and thinking process. He appreciated the school management of Sachdeva Public School, Rohini for their efforts to generate the awareness about environment in their students. He said “Right resource to create any revolution is students and if we want a Green Revolution then we have to generate awareness in our kids and prepare them to fight against global warming and other environmental problems. In current period every educational institute is responsible to generate such awareness in their students about the environment. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or all other environmental missions are become successful only when our students or our kids or upcoming generation should be well aware about the environmental issues and it priorities.”

Written by Green-O-Tech India