Waste Paper Recycling in Delhi-NCR

The service model which we are offering to our clients makes Green-O-Tech India™ unique in whole Waste Management Industry in the World. In this services model Green-O-Tech India™ doesn’t take any Fee or Services Charges directly or indirectly from its clients.

“Green-O-Tech India™ collecting waste paper from its clients and get recycled the same into daily uses stationery products like , Note Pads, Note Books, Dairies, Paper Pens, Paper Pencils etc.. We offered free stationery against the waste paper which our clients recycled through us. To appreciate clients for their Green Initiative we plant a Tree on every 100 Kg waste paper free of cost.”


One hand where Green-O-Tech India™ offering best solution for Waste Paper at that same time we are putting impact on environment directly through planting & saving Trees.

Do you know…
  • Production of 1 ton Virgin Paper we required 24 Trees
  • 19075 ((Approx) gallons water required for production of 1 ton Virgin Paper
  • Production of 1 ton Virgin Paper industry product 3.67 (Approx) tones of CO2
 “If you could just recycle one morning newspaper every day, you could save thousands of trees and tones of Carbon in a year”  ……Green-O-Tech India™


Paper Recycling Process Info-graphics


Waste Paper Recycling process infographics