Metals Recycling

Green-O-Tech India™ providing the service of recycling, where we deploy our team at client site for organize the scrap yard, timely pickups of waste metals and get recycled the same. Green-O-Tech India™ offering services for recycling of following waste Metals:

  • Steel Scrap
  • Iron Scrap
  • Aluminum Scrap
  • Copper Scrap

Waste Metals Recycling is one of the most important things that we can do to save our Environment and Earth. There are major environmental benefits of Recycling Metals. Waste Metals Recycling industry is providing various Social and Environmental benefits. This industry provides employment for millions of people and putting hug impact in environment to save Mother Earth.

Some environmental benefits of Waste Metals Recycling:

Save Energy by using recycled material:
 74% for iron and steel scrap
95% for aluminum scrap
85% for copper scrap

Recycling 1 Tone of Waste Steel, We saves

1.2 tons of Iron Ore
0.7 tons of Coal
0.5 tons of Limestone

Recycling 1 Tone of Waste Aluminum, We saves

8 tons of Bauxite ore
14 megawatt hours of electricity

Reduction in CO2 emissions by using Recycled Metals

58% for iron and steel scrap
92% for aluminum scrap
65% for copper scrap


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