Green-O-Tech India aim is not only make Mother Earth more greener through saving and planting trees but create more and more awareness about environment issues and effects of Global Warming. In present scenario Global Warming is a major issue for survival of human and other species on earth. With the motive of create awareness about environment issues we are more focused on school kids because we believe that if we need to bring any revolution kids are the best way to create it. Even its necessity that we aware our next generation about the threats of Global Warming so that they start to contribute from today onward for better tomorrow.

We are a Waste Paper and Waste Wood Recycling company we had served more than 500 clients in India with a motive of RE- COLLECT, RE CYCLE & RE USE. We always motive and request people to adopt Recycled Stationery Products because recycling of waste paper directly putting impact on environment through saving trees.

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Presently more than 35 school, colleges and universities are associates and supporting our green initiative of waste paper recycling in New Delhi & NCR. Many of them get their school stationery manufacture from us under their green initiative or CSR activities. Our major achievement is we had motivated many of students to associate with our green initiative. 12 different school and college students groups are associated with Green-O-Tech India for waste paper recycling against that they are taking school note books, paper pencils, copies etc from Green-O-Tech India which they are donate in slum/ poor kids. These groups of students created a great example for all of us and young generation for involving with environment.

Here we are again talking about Environmental Success Story-II, a group of trees kids who had taken a great initiative towards saving the environment and contrite to the society. These two kids come with a project called “Project Papperazzi”, which is a result of a team effort of Soumya Khera and Yajan Munjal . They plan on taking their project “Paperazzi” to its next step of development. Both of them are students at “The Shri Ram School Moulsari” in grade eleventh, and since the beginning years of their school they have been taught the value and importance of a safer and healthier environment. This cause is something that is instilled in each and every one of them at the school, and they decided to take this to a new level.

The two of them noticed after their board exams how many notebooks, papers and other materials they had used for their rough work. This made them think about all the rough paper that is thrown in the trash and not recycled. This made them realise the importance of recycling rough paper into more viable things. Seeing cartons of old newspapers in their houses, both of them decided to initiate this project that allows for sustained collection of all sorts of paper such as newspaper, waste paper, rough notebooks and other paper waste.

Green-O-Tech India.

The collection of such large amount of paper waste was not an easy task. The two of them divided their responsibilities and each pledged to collect at least two cartons of waste paper from their respective colonies. They also urged their family members to give them their collected newspaper over the course of this year. Their efforts did not only extend to their families and their colonies but they also initiated this collection in their school as well. They not only involved the faculty of their school by involving the library in our collective effort but they also engaged the students and went around from class to class talking about their project and asking the students to contribute to it. From each class they collected a carton of newspaper that went a long way in their collection drive. Their efforts did not stop there; they also collected a huge amount of paper waste from the factory- Shivam Autotech Ltd. Their cooperation with us enabled us to maximise their collection resources, both by expanding their collection and by letting them influence a new area.

This was just one part of their long journey after this collection they intend to supply this paper to Green-O-Tech India- who is one of leading Waste Paper Recycling company in India. As per Green-O-Tech India service model they collected waste paper and get it recycled into Recycle Stationery Products like Note Pad, Files, Note Books, Copies etc. and these stationery products we are offering free of cost to our clients. Along with that recycling of every 100Kg paper we will plant a TREE free of cost for our client’s Green Initiative of saving mother earth. After a lot of thought both of them agreed on this idea of making notebooks as students they understand how many notebooks are needed each year and this made them pledge that we would take our notebooks and give them to the NGOs. Green-O-Tech India will help their project by recycling this collected waste paper and converting it into notebooks.

So far, they had almost collected more than 1300 kilograms of paper waste and they intend to pursue this collection in their last year of school as well. By supplying this paper to Green-O-tech India they are taking the second step of the project on 8th of April, 2017. Once they will receive the recycled notebooks they will distribute it to these two NGOs. These NGO’s will use these notebooks to benefit of the children under their guardianship.NGOs. is a which associated are teaches bridge classes for students in governments school and the supply of free notebooks would go a long way to not only help these children but also help the environment. As per these kids “We hope to have a positive impact on both these aspects and we thank Green-O-Tech for such selfless help.”

Through get recycle 1380 kg waste paper these two Green Warriors had contributed following for environment and society:



What they Save


Kg 5065







Trees Nos


Trees planted by Green-O-Tech India  for their initiative

14 Nos

Green-O-Tech India is very pleased to be a partner with “Project Paperazzi” for waste paper recycling, the project aimed at protecting environment, working on the Philosophy of RE- COLLECT, RE CYCLE & RE USE. We appreciate the team of kids for such effort which going to motive many of other students and people. We wish that they will continue their this green journey for life time and continue contribute to the environment. Green-O-Tech India founder & CEO Mr. Prashant Rana had personally appreciated and distributed the “Certificate of Appreciation” to these kids and very impressed with their contribution and thinking process. He appreciated the school management of “The Shri Ram School Moulsari” for their efforts to generate the awareness about environment in their students as well. He always said that in current period every educational institute is responsible to generate such awareness in their students about the environment. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or all other environmental missions are become successful only when our students or our kids or upcoming generation should be well aware about the environmental issues and it priorities.

Green-O-Tech India..

The effort from Soumya Khera and Yajan Munjal is very appreciable and we wish other students and kids also take them as A Role Model and start to contribute for environment not only through waste paper recycling but through any other recourse as they can.

We thanks and wish good luck to Soumya Khera and Yajan Munjal for their future assignments on behalf of Green-O-Tech India team.

Written by Green-O-Tech India