A Small Initiative for Big CAUSE!!

Green-O-Tech India is one of leading recycling stationery product manufacture in India. We are manufacturing wide range of Note books & Diaries for office usage and students. Green-O-Tech India is offering the widest range of Diary 2019, Corporate Diaries and Planners, including New Year Diary, Business Organizers, Executive Diaries, Leather Diaries, Spiral Diary, Premium Note Books and Corporate Gifts Items; manufactured with 100% recycled paper.


Green-O-Tech India is one of leading service provider for waste paper recycling in India. As per our service model we collect waste paper and get recycled the same into daily uses Recycle Stationery Products like Files, Note Pads/ Book, Diaries, Copier Paper etc. We are offering these Recycle stationery products free of cost to their clients. Along with that recycling of every 100 Kg waste paper Green-O-Tech India planting a TREE free of cost for their client’s “Green Initiative”.

Yearly diaries are used by all professionals and non- professional people for day to day records and analyses, in India on yearly bases we are consuming millions of office yearly diaries. Maximum of them are from virgin paper; Paper which is made from Tree pulp. Papers are made by cutting down trees. Every year, thousands of trees are chopped down for making pulps and then paper. If we do not recycle paper then more trees will be cut down and global pollution will go out of hands. The importance of recycling paper cannot be emphasized enough.

If we adopt recycle paper it help apart from saving trees and other natural resources, it will also help in preventing wastage of water. Every one of us can contribute for earth and help to save Trees by adopting recycle paper stationery.


In 2019 corporate can take initiative under their CSR or environment policy to adopt Recycle Paper Diaries and help to save Trees.

Green-O-Tech India can help you to create maximum impact with minimum budget. These recycled paper products are manufactured under strict supervision to maintain International Quality Standards. We can also customize diaries / calendars or make them according to your specifications for gifting, promotions, conferences, events, etc. We adopt the most advanced techniques of production to fabricate these products.

Benefits of adopting Green-O-Tech India Diaries:

  • You will get free Customisations (Printing Logo or designs)
  • Help to reduce cost up to 25%
  • Get large range of Eco Executive Diaries
  • Products are made with High Quality Recycled Paper
  • Diaries have strong Biding with Long Life
  • You will get beautiful cover Design for corporate & Personal use

Other Environment Benefits by using Green-O-Tech India Diaries:

  • Save Trees- By using these diaries you can save Trees
  • Save Environment- These Dairies are made with Recycled paper which helps to reduce CO2, water pollution, save Electricity etc.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – the environment is part of most CSR policy’s and choosing recycled paper can be part of the solution to meeting this commitment.
  • Plant Trees- Green-O-Tech India plant 1 trees on purchase of every Rs.1500/- purchase.


We believe that everyone’s daily operations have an impact on the environment. Many of organizations are taking our Recycle Stationery under their businesses environmental or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, because Green-O-Tech India is manufacturing its products or these diaries with:

  • Manufactured with 100% Recycled Paper,
  • Used 100% Wood Free Raw Material,
  • Use 100% chlorine & Acid Free paper and
  • Our all products are 100% Eco-friendly.
  • Get customized the products as per client requirement

Let’s adopt Recycle Paper Executive Diaries – Save Trees and Save Earth


Written by Green-O-Tech India