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November 29, 2017 Article, Paper Recycling 3 Comments

As per the nature of the business/ services, paper is main source of waste; Every company consume a large amount daily for internal printing, invoices, joining instructions, course handouts, posters, printed e-mails and almost every other aspect of our daily operations. We therefore seek to minimise our impact and acknowledge our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by changing the way we work. The biggest environmental challenge that we face is understanding what to do next on sustainability.

One simple fundamental issue that can be addressed, what kind of paper chose by the organisations. Switching to recycled varieties can have significant environmental benefits for the company and the society. For example by using Green-O-Tech India’s recycle stationery products our customers helped to reduce large amount of paper landfill, air & water pollution and planted more then 120000 Trees.

GOT- ED 40

That’s why using of Green-O-Tech India’s Recycled Paper Stationery Products  is already a part of so many businesses environmental policies or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies because it can reduce the company’s carbon emissions, water usage, energy usage and waste to landfill.

Through adopting Green-O-Tech India initiative we helps to recycle this waste paper. Through recycling of your waste paper you put huge impact on environment through saving Carbon Emissions, Water from Pollution, Save Electricity, Save Trees, Generate Livelihoods Etc.

We believes that everyone’s daily operations have an impact on the environment. Many of organizations are taking our Recycle Stationery under their businesses environmental or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, because Green-O-Tech India is manufacturing its products with:

  • Manufactured with 100% Recycled Paper,
  • Used 100% Wood Free Raw Material,
  • Use 100% chlorine & Acid Free paper and
  • Our all products are 100% Eco-friendly.
  • Get customized the products as per client requirement

Seed Pen- G8

Due to above reasons and benefits many of organizations are taking our Recycle Stationery under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities/ projects, because Green-O-Tech India’s  stationery products have several benefits both for humans and the earth, it helps to reduce pollution in the air, save trees, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, keeps landfill space free and generate livelihoods/ jobs.

05 Reason why should you have to adopt “Recycled Paper Stationery Products”?

  1. Recycling one ton of paper saves up to 17 trees and generate hug nos. of opportunities for create livelihoods/ jobs.
  2. Burying waste paper as landfill releases Methane Gas, which is 23 times higher and more harmful to the environment than CO2.
  3. On average the production of Virgin Paper consumed energy more than twice than it takes to produce Recycled Paper.
  4. Paper Recycling reduces Air Pollution by 74% in comparison with burn up the paper.
  5. To produce 1 tone Recycle Paper it would take 1.2 tons of waste paper fibre, but to produce 1 ton Virgin Paper it would takes 2.5 tones of wood fibre.


05 benefited for your organisation by adopting “Recycled Paper Stationery Products”?

  1. Reduce stationery cost – by using Green-O-Tech India Recycled Paper Stationery, you can reduce your overall stationery cost as well.
  2. Brand – using recycled paper is good for your brand as it demonstrates a commitment to the environment and visual way of upholding brand values.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – the environment is part of most CSR policy’s and choosing recycled paper can be part of the solution to meeting this commitment.
  4. Endorsed – the use of recycled paper is scientifically endorsed by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), WWF and Greenpeace.
  5. Environmental Benefit Statement – by using Green-O-Tech India Recycled Paper Stationery, you can show the environmental savings you have made. This will show the exact amount of landfill, CO2, wood, water and energy you have saved by using recycled paper.

Green-O-Tech India manufacturing following products:

  1. Paper Pencils
  2. Seed Paper Pencils
  3. Paper Pens
  4. Executive Diaries
  5. Office Files
  6. Note Pads
  7. Conference Pads
  8. Spiral Pads/ Note Books
  9. Recycle Copier Paper
  10. School Copies
  11. Register & Many More….

Recycle Copy- SmallRecycle Copier PaperEco Dairy

There are also various tools available that showcase your initiative of using recycled paper products to your customers. For example the Environmental Benefit Statement (With data) by Green-O-Tech India which help you to understand how much landfill, greenhouse gas emissions, litres of water, energy and wood are saved by using Green-O-Tech India’s recycled paper stationery products or recycle paper as compared to non-recycled paper. That you can be communicated to customers and stakeholders by printing the details on each set of materials – brochures, direct mail, report and accounts, etc.

Do you Know:

  • One Tree Produce approximately 600 Conference Pad of 20 Pages.
  • Production of 1 ton Virgin Paper we required 24 Trees
  • 1 ton of paper Produce 400 Reams (200000 sheets)
  • 1 Tree produce 16.67 Reams (8,333 sheets)

We encourage a positive impact through adopting Recycle Stationery Products on the environment, customers, employees, communities and stakeholders.

Get change your Paper Stationery Products with Green-O-Tech India’s Recycle Paper Stationery Products, ask for quotations or samples or

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