Pencils are found everywhere because pencils are so useful and so common in our daily lives, we all had used these pencils from our childhood till we can write. But do you know from where did they come? Who invented them? and How you contribute through your “Pencil” for Environment? A “Pencil” can contribute lots for Environment if we adopt Seed Pencils and Recycle Paper Pencils.

In India manufacture of pencils goes back to the Swadeshi movement as far back as 1905. Since then, the industry had to face very hard competition from countries such as the UK, Germany, Japan, USA, etc. Even before world war India had to meet her requirements of pencils from imports, the bulk of which came from the UK, Japan, Czechoslovakia and Germany. The average imports in the pre-war period were of the order of 5000000 dozens per annum.

Most pencils are made out of wood and graphite and since wood is used we wanted to find out how many trees it took each year to make pencils, especially since there are really cool pencils made out of recycled materials notably newspaper or other waste paper.

Every year about 3.5 billion pencils made in U.S. and about 15-20 billion pencils made in worldwide. 15-20 billion is a lot of pencils! Just taking 15 billion pencils and laying them end to end they would stretch from the earth to the moon almost seven times!

Pencils can be made from different woods in the U.S. they are mainly made from California Incense Cedar (as a result of a shortage of Red Cedar). Imports might use other trees including rain-forest hardwoods.

Using these dimensions, and 15 billion pencils per year, results in a need for about 60,000 trees.

A “Pencil” contribute lots for Environment..

Adopt Green-O-Tech India unique Seed Recycle Paper Pencils and Plant it for Trees, Green-O-Tech India have unique recycled paper pencil, which you can plant after using it. With these pencils one side you are saving trees because it made with waste paper and same time you plant trees after using it. We have large range plant-able Seed Recycle Paper Pencils with unique concept of planting the same after using it. These Seed Recycle Paper Pencils have one end cover with capsule with hybrid seeds of different plants in replace of eraser on the top. Our products come with various seed variants, which provide you with the possibility of growing your own garden with different kinds of flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Through adopting Recycled Paper Pencils and Seed Recycle Paper Pencils every one of us can contribute for environment. As you know for manufacturing for 15 billion pencils per year we need for about 60,000 trees. If we adopt recycled paper pencils then we save these all trees and make our mother earth greener.

It’s very simple- why cut down trees to make them when they can be made from recycled paper. We can contribute to the environment by choosing the eco friendly pencils made out of recycled paper. There is huge demand of pencils in schools, colleges, corporate etc. if we all start to adopt the recycle paper pencils then we put huge impact on environment. We help to kids to understand the benefits of Eco-friendly products benefits through the pencils.

Green-O-Tech India offering multiple designs and types of Recycle Paper Pencils. We are one of leading paper recycling service providing company dealing waste paper and wood recycling. We are manufactures of Recycle Stationery Products like Paper Pen, Paper Pencil, Executive Diaries, Note Pad, Note Book, Copier Paper, Office Files, School Copies Etc. Green-O-Tech India have high quality Eco-friendly (Environment Friendly) Recycled Paper Pencils which meets the multiple requirements of our clients. Our pencils are manufactured with quality raw and we ensure that these classy paper pencils are in complaint with the latest writing instruments in the market. These pencils are non toxic, Eco friendly and biodegradable, these are highly demanded among our customers. Green-O-Tech India has wide range of eco-friendly recycled paper pencils which available in various sizes and designs. We also are offering further customization according to the client’s specific requirements. These pencils are extra dark, smooth writing, water proof and easily sharpen.

How Recycle Paper Pencils?

These Recycle Paper Pencils are 100% wood or polymer free and we used high quality waste paper. The waste paper which used for manufacturing for these Recycle Paper Pencils is properly cleaned and makes human friendly. After that it is organised and cut into the size required for making pencils. An eco friendly adhesive is added to make sure that it sticks tightly to the graphite. It is then wrapped around the graphite core to form pencils. These Recycle Paper Pencils are made from using paper like newsprint, printer paper, stationery paper etc.

Interesting Facts About Pencils

  1. A pencil will write in zero gravity, upside down, and under water!
  2. More than 14 billion pencils are produced in the world every year – enough to circle the globe 62 times.
  3. One pencil will draw a line 70 miles long.
  4. Pencils don’t really contain lead. That gray matter is graphite and clay.
  5. Two billion pencils are made in the United States each year.
  6. The pencil was invented more than 400 years ago, in 1565.
  7. Pencils didn’t have erasers on them until 100 years ago because teachers felt they would encourage children to make mistakes

  8. The average pencil can be sharpened 17 times, write 45,000 words or draw a line 35 miles long.
  9. A good-size tree will make about 300,000 pencils.